What is Fatkiller Club?

FATKILLER CLUB is an online fitness platform created to reach a healthy lifestyle, available for anyone and anywhere. Fatkiller Club membership, as any health club membership, provides a wide range of intensive exercises, with own weight and nutrition guides, to reach personal goals and get fit. The main difference from a gym membership and the advantage of the program is that Fatkillers can do their program anytime and anywhere.
We also share tons of useful healthy lifestyle content giving our audience a new mindset and inspiration to change their lives.
Busy mom? Full time working? No time to go to the gym? No more excuses! You have everything you need at your place. Grab a bottle of water, spread out the mat, GO!


There are no magic pills or supplements to make one healthy and fit. We ourselves can reach our goals and have a better healthier life. We only need to build an intention and have a great support on the way. That is actually what we do in Fatkiller Club!


Make sure your health conditions are sufficient to perform the workouts. Ask your doctor! Carefully study all the materials we provide you daily. There are special instructions in every daily task teaching you the correct technics of the exercise performance. Do not rush to be as fast as you can. We have built the program to increase your endurance gradually and fit your body into the intensity. Breathe. Follow the nutrition guide to intensify your results.


You are not alone in your challenge! There are coachers in contact with you in your personal account to give you drive, to help you out, to support you in your daily routine and doing their best to keep you motivated. There are Fatkillers like you taking their challenge and you can always get in touch with the community to share your thought and inspire the others!


FATKILLER CLUB was created by a busy mom of two who was running her own business in creative branding and marketing field. Anna Listok always understood how important it was to have lifetime balance as well as to be in good shape and good mood. Keeping this balance was her key success factor she wanted to share with the others. The idea to build a community inspiring people all over the world to adopt healthy habits and get fit, regardless place and time, was immediately supported by likeminded people within her company and her friends. There were hard working women and busy moms who had joined the team to make the dream come true and to test the program created by fitness professionals for Fatkiller Club.