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Did you Eat Too Much? Do These 3 Exercises!

Did you Eat Too Much? Do These 3 Exercises!

When you are leaving a celebration where food was served in plenty, you will most likely try all those tasty foods and get to a point that you will feel too full. After eating that much, it’s not advisable to plop down on the couch to watch football or take a nap, instead you need to get involved in an activity that can help with digestion and burn some calories off so you can feel more like yourself.

Here are some exercises that can help out.

Try Yoga

There are two yoga exercises that can boost your energy and help with digestion. First is Sukasana or Easy Pose the second is Anuloma Viloma.

Go walking

Going for a walk or do some easy cardio fitness exercises are great if you feel too full. If you are near your house, better just walk back home as a form of exercise.

Go Hula Hooping

This is a good way to get a full cardiovascular workout to tame your abdominals. And it’s a very simple exercise.